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Bogota – Colombia FREE*

  • December
  • 10 days

Tour Description

For 10 days, 10 digital nomads will convene in an amazing co-working space in the center of Bogota (Tinkko). Each work day, nomads will work on their projects in the morning. At 4 pm, they will share and learn with their peers through small presentations in a dedicated conference room on a subject of their choice (digital nomad structure, web marketing, public speaking, etc). Each evening, I will propose excursions to discover the city (graffiti tour, tejo, private restaurant, museum, digital nomad meet-up, live concert, theater etc) and one big weekend excursion (Monserrate, museo del oro etc). If needed, I will help them to find an apartment nearby the co-working space. Detailled planning > 3rd of December to 14th

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Price and payment

It’s free to be part of the group, you just have to be a digital nomad (freelancer, entrepreneur, teacher etc.). Book now with the section on the right. You will have to take in account all the others costs (excursions, accomodation, restaurants etc.). The price of the coworking space for 10 days + the conference room is 323 000 COP. I can help you with the accomodation if needed (it’s more or less 40€ per day for a private apartment at less than 20 minuts by feet from the coworking space). I will detailled all the cost and we will settle all the excursions at the beginning of our 10 days.


Detailled planning > 3rd of December to 14th


Private bedroom in a shared flat

I can help digital nomads to share a flat together. For example, the apartment of the picture is 100€ per night with 4 private room and it’s less than a 10 minuts walk from the coworking space.


Coworking space

I have done a lot of coworking space in Bogotá​​, and to me the best spot for us will be TINKKO. They have a great team and a great localisation in Chico Norte. We will have access to all the coworking space + a conference room every at 4pm for 323 000 COP.


Sharing Knowledge conference

One of the interest of gathering 10 digital nomads in one place is to share experiments. Every day at 4 pm, we will have access to the conference room to let a digital nomad share a knowledge (something that can interest the others, a knew skill, an experiments etc.)


Week-end excursion

Vist of the city, museo botero, museo del oro, barrio de la candelaria, dinner at Montserrate, live concert, grafitti tour etc. I will propose at the beginning of our meeting a planning of every excursions & weekend with the price and I will make the reservation. None of the excursions/events is included in the price.


Evening events

After spending around a year and a half in Bogotá​​, I start to know quite well the city. I will propose you events to discover the city (Restaurants: Andres carne de res > Typical colombian food in an entire building with colombian live music. Tejo > Colombian game where you have throw rock to mud and fireworks…, digital nomad meetup, colombian live music, improvisation theater initiation etc.)

Meeting point > the 3rd of December 2019 at 2pm

Webmarketing consultant since 2010

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Hello ! My name is Alexandre Moussier. Specialised in community management and SEO, i have launched my freelance activity in 2013 > NetSkipper.fr. In august 2017, i ve decided to work fully remotely and i ve started my 1 year journey in america latina with Bogota. In total, i have spent 7 months in this city and i am know establishing myself here. I speak french, english, spanish and i would be honoured to introduce to you the city i fell in love with.