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[Ep 1] Why Nomad Nation ?

In this category “Nomad Nation”, I will write about the project. For this first post, I would like to share with you where this project come from. After 4 years of happy freelancing, I was happy with my life in Paris but I decided to go further. I was working and traveling like 4 months of the year and I decided, but felt that was not enough and that I wanted to work and travel 12 months per year! I told my project to my clients and explained that they will be my priority and nothing will change. In August 2017, I left my apartment in Paris to start my digital nomad lifestyle with a one way ticket to Bogota. After one year, I have done a little road trip…

I was working approximately 2 or 3 weeks in a coworking of a big city and traveling 1 week in the country. During my trip, I was meeting people of the digital nomad community. I participated in events and conferences and I realized that I would love to share the experience and show places that I know with the community.

The concept was born : Give the possibility to any digital nomad to organize a three week event in a place he/she knows well to the point they are like a local. The organizer is responsible to find the apartment and the coworking space. The organizer get 25% of the total amount to organize the 3 weeks event (week-end, excursions, dinner, presentations etc.). For more details, I created a guide to help show how to organize this type of event

I have done a training course to learn how to code in Ruby in peer programming. We were a group of 5 and during every morning for three months we were learning together this language. For the final project, we are trying to create my concept with my co-learners > http://freenation.herokuapp.com . I just want to say a big “thanks” to this 5 future new ruby developer. @EmilieDouvier @JonathanMete @CharlotteHouivet @ThomasGrangeon @JoelAlis @MatthieuMontagne

To work faster, I have decided to switch the technology for one that I know very well > WordPress. I am actually in Cartagena working every day to finish this website

See you for the next episode.

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