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10 tips before being a freelance

It has been 6 years that i am a freelance in webmarketing with my company > www.netskipper.fr, i wantedto share my best 10 tips for a person who would like to launch his freelancing activity.


1) Make a plan

It sounds a bit obvious, but it helped me a lot at the beginning. You are alone on this boat and your best ally is yourself. Make a clear plan of what your competition sell ? what do you sell ? Who are you ? (strength and weakness)? What are your objectives for the first trimester ? etc.


2) Legitimate yourself

As a new freelance, nobody know you. So if someone find or hear about you, you will have to prove that you know what you are talking about. For my example, i was teaching web marketing at the university of la sorbonne fo two years. I was writing posts on web marketing books and blog > https://www.ebg.net/digital-marketing2018/. I asked reviews to past clients and i asked if i can show them in my website > https://www.netskipper.fr/references/


3) Canvass close circle in priority

It is always more difficult to create trust from someone you have never heard about, even if you work hard on legitimate yourself. If someone as recommend you a freelance, you have a link between you two and the trust is easier. Thus, it is so much easier to look for a mission with someone you have already worked with or someone of your family, friends etc. The chance of conversion as a client are way better than any other type of conversion.


4) Quality before quantity

At the beginning i was giving quotation to everybody that i ask me. I was working with everybody that asked me. Now, i focus on two clients, and i do my best to give the best quality of work with them. I have stopped working with small clients that rushed me.


5) Never sell off

If you start sell off, you will never be able to charge your real cost. Also, i have realized that most clients that ask you to sell off are the most tough in the relation.


6) Focus on your job

At the beginning i was doing web marketing show, conferences, writing articles for my blog for others, community management, accountacy etc. Answering yo every quotation etc. It’s important to focus at maximum on your job and automated, or delegated the other tasks. You will not be able to do everything.


7) Be careful of isolation

After two month of working in underpants in my apartment, i was rarely loosing motivation ^^. Coworking are really important know to share experiences with other freelance, to move to work physically and mentally, to be in a motivating atmosphere.


8) Plan your Day

If you don’t plan your day, it is the best way not to get things done. Every morning, i take 15 minutes to plan tasks i have to do. I evaluate the time necessary for each tasks and i put intellectual tasks at the beginning of the day.


9) Check your vitality

After months working in underpants, after years working only for my clients, i have realized that i was not as focused as the beginning. I needed a break, i needed holidays, i needed to change my air. Sports, eat light are very important in any case if you want to last longer.

10) Don’t sell your time

Of course it is easier, and in a lot of case it is the only way as a consultant. With the time and experience, you will get more free time and it is much more scalable if you can sell product (trainning, digital goods etc.)

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