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10 products as a digital nomad

I think it’s quite difficult to say it’s the best packaging list because it’s really personal. It’s my best packaging list ^^. As a digital consultant working remotely, I will try to share with you my best 10 products. I am totally not into trekking, photography or video so it’s more to share what i use.

1) Laptop

My needs are quite basic. I need Internet and that’s all. Most of my software is online (saas). Thus, I have chosen a computer that is not too expensive, light and fast. Asus vivobook S15, I think it’s even too much for me, but it’s doing the job. I bought it in June 2018.

2) Phone

My needs are quite basic here also. I need to receive SMS from my french number to validate stuff for my bank and to receive Internet wherever i am, thus I needed a two sim card phone. I have been recommended the One Plus 6 and i am really satisfied with it. I really like the battery and the fast charging mode.

3) Bank

I have a french digital Bank, that works well and without hassle (one of the cheapest in France) > Fortuneo and I also use a digital worldwide bank to have discount on my foreign withdraw. I use Revolut. I have heard about Mondeo or N26 too, but Revolut does the job too. They also have cheap insurance for 1 euro per day.

4) Company

At the beginning i was an auto-entrepreneur. It’s the best type of company if you are french and start freelancing. Then, I needed to pass the revenue figure limit of this company type and hire people. I have created a SASU. Then my needs where back to only digital consultancy so I have created a digital company in Estonia via leapin.eu. I am really satisfied with this service. Most of my clients are in Europe. It’s quite transparent. I pay 100 euros TTC per month and 20% of what i earn to the Estonian state. I have a bank account and they do all the administration stuff and accountacy. There is no revenue figure limit and they are fast to answer any queries I may have.

5) Google Drive

Google photos that save all your photos when you are linked to a wifi spot and Google drive to be able to work the next day, even if you lose your computer and your phone is a must.

6) Bags

I think that we can debate a lot on this subject. A suitcase ? a backpack ? size ? etc. I have bought a colombian 80L bag. The good thing with this backpack is that there is a lot of pockets and I can open it easily. I can transform the bag to a small backpack and with 80l I can fit nearly everything. My other bag is a small and light. I have also a totbag for dirty clothes.

7) Cold clothes

A must for me > the heavy track pantS for lazy Sundays and sport sessions. I also like my warm Haglofs puffy jacket (I’ve bought it on Craiglist) and my rain jacket from decathlon.

8) Hot clothes

This part is totally personal. I have 2 shorts and 6 t-shirts, one pair of bath shorts and one pair of shorts for sport.

9) Shoes

3 pairs of shoes, 1 everyday pair of shoes (Nike air max), 1 pair of sports shoes (running shoes to do everything) and 1 pair of flip flops.

10) Particular stuff

I have one meat bag, I like it a lot, if I am sleeping in a dirty hostel, if the climatisation is too strong in a bus, if I am sleeping in a hamock > I use my sleeping bag. I love it. Also i have a huge micro fiber towel that doesn’t take that much space in my bag.

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March 2019 24, 18:45

Wow, that’s what I was seeking for. thanks


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